Business consulting focusing on:

Online Marketing – We can educate you and help you develop and implement a strategy that matches your objectives and resources.

Business Plan Development – We can help you develop formal business plans for either financing or operations.

Disaster Recovery – This is an often overlooked necessity for all size businesses not just big businesses or regulated business.

Process and Infrastructure – Small companies rely on people large companies rely on process. We will help you develop and implement process and infrastructure to streamline your organization.

Offshoring - We can help you determine the pros and cons of outsourcing. Experience with both India and the Philippines.

Systems Analysis and Project Management – Are you planning a roll out that requires temporary resources? As a former project manager and member of the Project Management Institute we have had extensive experience in various industries, this includes various medical software such as newborn screening software for infants and the implementation of speech recognition and banking.

We have a proven track record with online marketing techniques and strategies for both organic and Pay Per Click. In addition to the planning and implementation of traditional textbook marketing and guerrilla marketing strategies.

We specialize at analyzing, planning and implementing infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses that seek help in analyzing their business to create systems, business plans, and consulting on the basics of risk management strategies and the basics of designing disaster recovery plans. We focus on implementing processes that are not overbearing. We stress this because we have worked at both small and large companies and thus understand the challenges and differences in both. Small businesses rely on people where as larger organizations rely on systems. Small businesses need to implement systems to make their business efficient, but at the same time systems need to correlate to the size of the infrastructure. Our philosophy is that business owners should focus on working on their business and not in their business.

Our Mission
Our team mission is to provide professional, knowledgeable service in a timely manner.

Our goal is to treat our customers the same way that we like to be treated, never forgetting that our customers are the reason that we are here.

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